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Get The Key To My Heart
19.11.2019 | 5 chapters

My name is Tarou Suzuki, I have average looks and a boring name. I've always hated how 'normal' I was. But one day, a drunken pretty boy showed up at my house!! This guy started learning in for a k...

Tie Me, Unravel Me, Kiss Me
09.01.2020 | 6 chapters

Growing up, Tsukasa aspired to take over his father's tailor shop. Even his friends in middle school, Kaito and Adachi, saw his tenacity and passion at an early age. As friends do, they make promis...

A House Near The Station With A Wizard
09.01.2020 | 5 chapters

In a real estate agency of an ever so slightly odd shopping street works Tsukasa Amamiya, who has been subject to daily, passionate advances by wizard and potential tenant Mitsuki. After being intr...