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My Princely Servant
15.07.2022 | 7 chapters

"Take care of me, Master." - The school's prince is now my servant! He kisses me and carries me to school like a princess...! But... I didn't ask for any of this!

Praising a Lousy Hero
15.07.2022 | 10 chapters

It should be easy making reincarnates thing they're strong, but this guy is the weakest yet!

Surrounded by Wrathful Gods
03.10.2022 | 3 chapters

The tenants' mannerisms are hard to hand today, too! The curtains open on life in a wild apartment with me, an average guy, and these extraordinary gods!

Changed Into A High School Girl
02.08.2022 | 4 chapters

I'm a middle-aged man on the inside, but I look like a high school girl on the outside!? I swear I'll take my own body back!

Bring Back the Love Again
27.12.2022 | 4 chapters

"I want to bring back your past smiles." He found me. The invisible me. But I can't recall his eyes, or his kind hands…

Instant Lovers
27.12.2022 | 3 chapters

"Do you really call that a True Love?" 10 seconds after they met, Aki and Haruto started dating. This is a story of the two in search of what "Love" is.