By Jeana Rei Cortez 19 chapters

Paradox Mansion ~the truth of you will make you happy~


"The truth of you will make you happy." Iruka Naru will unlock the secret pages of the Paradox Mansion residence by the freedom kiss! Trapped inside with 28 people all men cursed as an animal plushie, will she make it out? Follow FB: Official Website:
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  1. FREE
    FREE Mansion of Paradox Cases
    Originally in English

    Episode 1: 28 Male's whose cursed to become an animal plushie and locked inside the mysterious condemn house called 'Paradox Mansion'. Iruka Naru dares to save her childhood friend and missing classmate, she Discover's her fated duty to free them in a kiss!

  2. 20coins
    20coins The Unbelieving Cat
    Originally in English

    Episode 2: "I'm not going to be it's slave, Love will be my slave." The unlucky plushie cat reveals his truth.

  3. 20coins
    20coins Fallen Grace of the Crab
    Originally in English

    Episode 3: Iruka Naru is starting to get used to the chaos of the residence of Paradox Mansion. Not knowing she should put 'limits', or else someone will loose their limit.

  4. 20coins
    20coins A Dog's Loyalty
    Originally in English

    Episode 4: Inoue's obsession to be a good boy went on the next level. What is the reason behind this strange behavior? Iruka is about to find out why the dog's loyalty is something cannot be questioned no matter what kind of dark truth or fake it is...

  5. 20coins
    20coins Hello Again-Giraffe!
    Originally in English

    Episode 5: Iruka Naru finally accepted her fated duty to free them all out of the Paradox Mansion by her magical freedom kiss in order to help Inoue and other's face their trauma's! Except for a certain amnesia boy who has zero ideas what is the truth of him. Can she free someone who cannot remember their own-self? Even a quick kiss is not enough...?

  6. FREE
    FREE Ravenhearst
    Originally in English

    Episode 6: Discovering how to break the curse, it wasn't easy. Not all of them are gentle to let her do her job. Not even Iruka Naru get used to easily give away her precious lips for a guy she doesn't know. Can she unlock their further hidden truths?

  7. 20coins
    20coins Melancholy Rabbit
    Originally in English

    Episode 7: Failed attempt of suicide, Iruka Naru...faces the most difficult person to convince that happiness also lies in sadness. Yuutsuna the melancholy boy, what is the reason behind his sadness? What secret is he about to unveil...?

  8. 20coins
    20coins Bat's Moonlight
    Originally in English

    Episode 8: Spotting a dead body in the hallway, Iruka Naru got herself involved to the forbidden game 'Moonlight Festival.' Fun chapter before everything turn for worst!

  9. 20coins
    20coins Shark is Not Evil
    Originally in English

    Episode 9: Counting so far all the people Iruka had freed from curse, Shinji-sensei takes advantage of this. Cleaning the pool is fun however there is also a possible accident.

  10. 20coins
    20coins Will of Turtle
    Originally in English

    Episode 10: [If only you were here, I'd be able to run.] That dark thought... The turtle's will, unstoppable. End of Epistemology ARC.

  11. FREE
    FREE Old Monkey Story
    Originally in English

    Episode 11: When they thought they are getting close by bonding with each other, turns out not exactly okay. Iruka Naru did not expect a huge mouse chase will occur to unbalance the secrets.

  12. 20coins
    20coins Horse Ride
    Originally in English

    Episode 12: After a heavy fall, Iruka Naru is taken to the laundry room to taken care of by Numa, only between them the true stallion shows its identity.

  13. 20coins
    20coins Scrapgoats
    Originally in English

    Episode 13: Someone ate Zou's painting, who could it be? Is it really Nezumi or someone else?! Iruka Naru starts her investigation and found a shocking suspect!

  14. 20coins
    20coins Mouse Trap
    Originally in English

    Episode 14: The chase for the mouse begins and the page fell to Iruka's hand, she finds the truth of his destructive split gender identity. His heart has been wounded all along...

  15. FREE
    FREE Trottle that Penguin!
    Originally in English

    Episode 15: The mouse has escaped and the long-awaited revelation is revealed. Missing classmate of Iruka Naru...Sekirei Maru had always been there between the mirrors.

  16. 20coins
    20coins Elephant's Art
    Originally in English

    Episode 16: Reaching the Paradox Mansion's peak, Iruka is near collecting the pages that been ripped off the Golden Book. Little by little, Iruka Naru realizes whose the true Nezumi is behind all the pain in his heart.

  17. 20coins
    20coins Debted Racoon
    Originally in English

    Episode 17: Getting separated, Iruka Naru got attacked by a raging racoon. The evil spirit that murdered the owner of the paradox mansion decided to confront our heroine. What is the story behind the haunted?

  18. 20coins
    20coins Enchanting Spider
    Originally in English

    Episode 18: the threads of spider become the lure of shadows. The heart also start to loose its beat...

  19. 20coins
    20coins Octopus Dining
    Originally in English

    Episode 19: The taste of crime and guilt, they're masters of camouflage. Chidori reveals his surprising secret towards an octopus enemy...the dolphin girl.


"The truth of you will make you happy." Iruka Naru will unlock the secret pages of the Paradox Mansion residence by the freedom kiss! Trapped inside with 28 people all men cursed as an animal plushie, will she make it out? Follow FB: Official Website:
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