Umiushigoto - Pretty Workers in The Sea
21.10.2020 | 23 chapters

“Sea Sluggers”, the cleaners of the sea. This is a heartfelt comedy about Ao (Blue Sea Slug), a newbie Sea Slugger who, despite Shirousa-senpai’s half-baked guidance, aims to protect the sea’s h...

Anti-Gravity Boy
05.05.2021 | 14 chapters

Worrying about a lack of pocket change and unruly hair, Fuuko is an ordinary but upbeat high school girl. One day she finds out that her classmate Ruka wields a mysterious power...?! You'll laugh a...

Paradox Mansion ~the truth of you will make you happy~
11.03.2021 | 10 chapters

"The truth of you will make you happy." Iruka Naru will unlock the secret pages of the Paradox Mansion residence by the freedom kiss! Trapped inside with 28 people all men cursed as an animal plush...

17.03.2021 | 12 chapters

Freelance writer, Sainen, meets a woman with a Tohoku accent, Mizuki. Whenever Mizuki touches another person's bodily fluids, she transforms into something else. Sainen just wants the big scoop on ...

Child's Musing
23.03.2021 | 3 chapters

Ada, Ata and Aga, triplets going on a vacation for the first time to their familial home town, are met with life realizations and circumstances they couldn't have possibly imagined after following ...

05.04.2021 | 1 chapter


Sweet Dream
03.05.2021 | 1 chapter

A Girl who had a Weird dream and Got chosen to Recreate The Empty Place, The Souls Need Her Help by Her Creativity and Bring the Place Beautiful Again.

04.05.2021 | 1 chapter

I'm going to start the story with a young boy who lived an unfair and cruel world, he goes by the name Shichiru, an introvert student who lived in the mountains far from the city of aurum, Shinchir...

04.05.2021 | 13 chapters

Hamilton Diver is a boyish girl who just wants to enjoy her youth along with her friends despite the thing that she is different from them or even from other people. And that was because of the mys...

04.05.2021 | 2 chapters

A young boy name Thomas, and his bro Eiji want Thomas to be his successor or be his "Right Handed Partner" to travel around to west. but Thomas didn't want to because of "Adam" is heading toward th...

Untold Adventures!
02.10.2021 | 1 chapter

Follow the Adventures of Amanda "The Witch in Training" and her BFF William Madd" The Boy Genius" as They Battle Evil Magic Users, Scientist, Monsters/Aliens and of course....School!

The Nephilim
04.05.2021 | 2 chapters

Faye is a seventeen year old girl who transferred on Cesterfield high and she thought that everything is normal, what she didn't know that 70 percent of the students are supernatural beings, secret...

04.10.2021 | 4 chapters

When Silene - a young princess of Evenlea is accused of ordering the murder of her parents, she becomes the most wanted person in the kingdom. Condemned by the public, she joins forces with Rave - ...

05.05.2021 | 1 chapter

Anime Universe
10.10.2021 | 1 chapter

Ace is an 18 year old boy who just graduated from high school. On his way home, he accidently stepped on a weird glowing yellow stone. He peaked it up. A car was going out of control right behind h...

Demon time
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

There's A kid named Damian who's living a normal life until he reaches the age of 15 he felt weird and having nightmares every night. What destiny will he face in the future?

05.05.2021 | 1 chapter

Kaira is a teenage girl with an ability to see the future events in her dreams. A reason for her grandmother to give her a amulet that is said that can protect her from elemental harm. But one day ...

21.05.2021 | 1 chapter

Garella - a nation in the center of Kroelle Kingdom. It consists of five kingdoms, the Runardio Empire, located at the center of the kingdoms where trade and technology are their pride, the Pzancia...

Soon To Be
23.05.2021 | 1 chapter

A teen girl wishes to be an artist as a career however many people judge her skills so she decides to take a brake and is suddenly asked to go to the past to save the world. What adventures will sh...

The Law and the Outlaw
24.05.2021 | 3 chapters

After an incident that damaged her reputation and her business, Nadia Soulwinsky felt that she had no other choice then to leave her home town of Devenburg and start her life over. Choosing to join...

28.05.2021 | 1 chapter

Lynx’s soul was imprisoned on Gaia (Earth) for several incarnations due to high treason against the Royals, until it suddenly returned to his original body on Rhea (Saturn’s moon). The crystal in h...

Akira-kun's mountain retreat
08.06.2021 | 1 chapter

Akira is a very nice, wholesome, boy who is devoted to shintoism, the main religion in Japan, he goes to an altar one day and asks the Cat Guardian to make him cool, the Cat Guardian instead makes ...

The official gay brothel reviewing club
09.06.2021 | 1 chapter

Everyone likes fantasy worlds, right? What if it was weird? How weird? Like it's a hardcore yaoi but it's drawn in a simplistic art style. An elf named Orym Aragwyn is out of work... Again... So he...

19.06.2021 | 3 chapters

Right before Almar Leoven's father is murdered, he gives a small piece of advice "What makes a true man isn't how much of a man he is, but how determined he is to prove others wrong." Now, 5 years ...

Judge of Minds
29.09.2021 | 2 chapters

It is a story about psychologist traveling through patients' minds to help them with their illnesses. By exploring different worlds hidden deep inside every human, he is not only doing his job. Thi...

Tales of Origin
30.09.2021 | 3 chapters

The story follows the adventures of high school students who found themselves in a dangerous and unknown world after being saved by a knight riding a giant eagle in the midst of the earth's catacly...

30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

Zeraus, a fighting tournament for the 7 races, Human, Beast, Elves, Aliens, Wizards, Androids and Hell is made to showcase the strengths of each other's races. Then one day a kid named Prota saw an...

Cresci Prophecies
23.10.2021 | 2 chapters

Ceredion is haunted by visions of a mortal woman's death. Thinking she'd be a threat to him, he finds a way to meet her. This story is about a god, a mortal, and prophecy that speaks about his d...

Gods of chaos
28.10.2021 | 1 chapter

An adventure filled with fun and thrilling moments as the story sets on a teenage boy "Mark" going on adventures with his friends all working together as bounty hunters as well as searching for h...

Furious Girls Squad
25.09.2021 | 5 chapters

These six main characters who have abilities to protect the world and entire galaxies against the great villain.

The Guardian of Vurcan
30.09.2021 | 4 chapters

The story of the mostly known as the kingdom's hero

Beyond the Purple Twilight
01.10.2021 | 10 chapters

A Romance Comedy series about Gino Han dreaming of a girl named Eun Ae whom he thought he could never have. Until his guardian angel - named Samyaza - came down from the Heavens to give him the Boo...

24.10.2021 | 1 chapter

MAHA MAGICAL MANANANGGAL tells a story of a young girl named Maha who visits her grandmother’s home in Ilo Ilo City and celebrates her 8th birthday. Little did she know what revelation she will dis...

23.11.2021 | 1 chapter

Hace has it all, a loving family, a bunch of friends, and fame. She'll soon will be the ceo owner of their clothing brand company. But her life suddenly change after her parents died at an accident...

28.09.2021 | 1 chapter

Astro Slumber
29.09.2021 | 1 chapter

I am Gaia and this is my story on how I, the last hope of humanity, survived a very strange phenomenon— the universe fell into a deep slumber.

The Wizard One
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

16 years ago a greedy wizard (Leo) tried to use the sacred book to restart the world but Leo did not succeed because his former friend Adam stopped him the last servant of the ancient who passed aw...

Twenty four hours a day
22.08.2021 | 2 chapters

Lumina Lamentine, a cursed girl who can be killed with a touch of light. Without any knowledge about the curse, her parents, the King and Queen, made her live in a dark room. Without any presenc...

The Lost Heroine
30.08.2021 | 2 chapters

Hikari is the anonymous author of a famous manga hit 'The Almighty One', she also has powers which she based her story on. Tired of solving the mystery behind her power whose origin is unknown and ...

31.08.2021 | 1 chapter

A human was consumed by an abyss over a thousand years ago. This person was the reincarnation of a god who had been placed in an endless darkness in order to save humanity. He possesses unexplained...

Beyond the Blue Eternity
01.09.2021 | 2 chapters

Hideki Ken, A human who resides by the boundary of the Human world and the Beyond was cursed by fate to carry a burden that he didn't wish to have. Witness his adventure to bring back his humanity ...

The Chosen One: Mara Liu Chi
01.09.2021 | 4 chapters

Mara Liu Chi, a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in the mountains and sets out on a journey to become The Chosen One, the savior of Chinatown.

The Bride of the Forest
04.09.2021 | 4 chapters

Because of Agatha's health situation, her mother was forced to send her home to their province to live temporarily there with her Aunt and her family. But in her slow recovery, she discovered an ur...

09.09.2021 | 2 chapters

When his Seraphim mother was murdered by his Incubus father on his 11th birthday, Seth awakened his dark and light powers. The Hybrid must learn how to wield his abilities and seek revenge on the ...

Emotion System
17.09.2021 | 2 chapters

Chibuya Randolph, a 28-year-old man. He is unemployed. He was told that he doesn't worth but that will change when he was about to get hit by a truck and die. Due to Amy, the Emotion System, Ran...

The Seven Demon Slayers
28.09.2021 | 1 chapter

This is the story of 7 individuals who have to face their destiny and overcome it.

Forbidden Game
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

Aesirs decided to create their substitutes called "angels" in order to guide Humans in Midgard but as many years passed, their relationship worsened and made a conflict called "Forbidden Game" and ...

The Tale of Two Fairies
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

Feelings. These are what every being bases their actions on. The ones who manage every beings' feelings and lead their tales to a happy ending are the Emotion Fairies. Twin emotion fairies, Ca...

Lost Balloons
23.09.2021 | 1 chapter

Where did they go ?

74 Powers
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

A prophecy was made, millions of years ago... That two individuals, would be the complete destruction of the Ngaki (the universe in its entirety.) Unbeknown to them of the power they hold inside -...