Even a Dad Still Wants It...
03.04.2021 | 24 chapters

"I'll… help you finish." I want to see more and more of him being turned on. He's a "daddy," yet he moans out loud, shuddering in ecstasy…

Those Sexy Eyes Make Me Cum
03.04.2021 | 4 chapters

"I won't stop until you're humiliated. I'll definitely make you come!" I get aroused when I look in his eyes!? My body heats up all on its own. It's mortifying, but… it sure feels good…!

Slutty Guy Falls for a Straight Man
12.03.2021 | 3 chapters

No way... I came just from my ass...! When having sex with a straight man, I'm supposed to take the initiative, but... I'm so turned on, I can't hold back...!

My Beast Son's in Heat
12.03.2021 | 4 chapters

No way, there's no way that'll fit! It's huge! He's passionately caressing him like he craves it... His body and his ass will get mated by his son...!

The Reason I Became a Gay-Porn Actor
12.03.2021 | 7 chapters

Factual Story! Fall of Straight Man's Anal Virgin!!I am hoodwinked into appearing on gay video and forcibly climaxed in front of camera★

The Genderswapped Host
12.03.2021 | 3 chapters

A wild dog waiter turns into a hostess!? In order to turn back into a guy, I have no choice but to have sex with the guy I look up to…

For Men Only!? Couple-Busting Agency
26.02.2021 | 13 chapters me cum… I'm straight but my new job is to seduce a man!? After being groped to the max by my super sadistic boss, I make a move on my target…!

Having Sex With Young-Looking Guy Isn't Illegal?
26.02.2021 | 5 chapters

This really does feel like... we're doing something forbidden...! A tiny body wrapped in large, sturdy arms... He can't resist that first loving touch.

I'm No Match for Him
26.02.2021 | 20 chapters

Do you really understand what kind of place an all boy school is? To scare this teacher off I pushed him down on the infirmary bed, but... how did I end up under him!?

A Straight Bartender in a Gay Bar!?
12.02.2021 | 24 chapters

See? The customers can't take their eyes off you. He teases my nipples, he teases me down there. The slick sounds it makes can be heard throughout the bar... But I'm not even gay!

Demon of Lustful Hell
12.02.2021 | 14 chapters

Don't come inside me…!! The pleasure of his come flowing into my aching ass… I can't believe it feels so good to have sex with a demon…!

The Titan's Bride
12.02.2021 | 8 chapters

It's like a small fruit... The Titan's large hands grasped my thing easily with one hand... With the difference in our size, if we go all the way, I'm definitely gonna die...!?

Blessing in Disguise
07.04.2021 | 1 chapter

A young man who went into a turning point of his life and realizes that this destined person for him was beyond his expectation as time goes by.

Taste of your color
04.05.2021 | 1 chapter

One fine day. There's a twin walking beside the road then summer (orange hair boy) saw a nice and beautiful two-colored ribbon hoodie. He run towards it but suddenly, a boy named daikito (black hai...

11.06.2021 | 5 chapters

"My feeling for Daichi should not be known... forever." Mihiro has been secretly liking his best friend, Daichi, a clumsy high-schooler who has bad luck with women. When Mihiro got confused with h...

Warm Bodies Plus
11.06.2021 | 5 chapters

Kataoka started to pay more attention to his boss, Nanase, after he accidentally caught Hiramatsu, another boss, kissed him in the office. Sometimes he even dreamed of kissing Nanase... He knows t...

The Man I Wish to Forget
11.06.2021 | 5 chapters

A spin-off from Maria Lives Upstairs series! Satoshi Maruya, the cousin of Ikuto, was being surprised by the sudden return of the man he had shared one intimate night with, Watabe. Satoshi just wa...

Agou and His Curse
17.05.2020 | 5 chapters

Narcissistic Seiiji Agou believed that no other beauty could move his heart until he accidentally ran into the gentle and charming Narumi Maimoto. Maimoto hinted that they would meet again, but bef...

A Tyrant in the Classroom
09.08.2020 | 7 chapters

“A Tyrant in the Classroom” is a compilation of 8 sexy and funny BL stories by Soko Ikeda. 1. A Tyrant in the Classroom: Kaido first recognized his student, Kaoru Ninomiya as a perfect doll-li...

Monday Maria
01.01.2021 | 6 chapters

I haven't given up on Maria at all! An ordinary salaryman, Ikuto "Maria" Maruya, has been sharing a house with a naive and energetic Hikaru, a student who is head over heels for him. Maruya could n...

Maria Lives Upstairs
12.12.2020 | 6 chapters

I love you, Maria After suddenly being confessed by a naive high-schooler, Hikaru, Ikuto "Maria" Maruya could not stop thinking about that awkward but unexpectedly strong boy. He doesn't want... to...

A Tale of Two Meteors
12.12.2020 | 4 chapters

It was the most glittering moment of little Yuuta's life when the handsome "Star Prince," Haruto, comforted him who got afraid of stars. Now an Astrophotographer, Yuuta returned to his hometown's...

It Begins with Goodbye
04.03.2021 | 6 chapters

Kei Kurosu, the ordinary office worker, is a being that feeds from humans' life force. Since men with strong libido have stronger life forces, usually he also sleeps with them. One day, Kei bumped...

Love knows Love
04.03.2021 | 5 chapters

"It's fine if I'm just the second after your wife..." Office worker Shoji is having an affair with his boss, Shimazu. Their love relationship is a total secret that should have not left any eviden...

First Love Experiment
01.01.2021 | 6 chapters

“First Love Experiment” is a compilation of 5 sexy and funny BL stories by Souko Ikeda. 1. "First Love Experiment" Teraoka and Matsudo have always spent time together since childhood until they...

Hikaru and Kuro
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

A story of two strangers getting to know more about each other. Will their feelings get through?

Changing Roles
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

Fei, who used to be a pupular actor and a popstar is now a waiter at a hotel. His fame ended because of a rumour that he bribe the director to give him a contract to one of the best company in the ...

Bridge Over Troubled Water
27.09.2021 | 1 chapter

When Elijah's mother died, he was left with a relative and being constantly beaten. He jumps into the bridge to kill himself but he was saved by Isaac who is a rich man with a tragic past. He let ...

08.08.2021 | 2 chapters

Aiden met Bryan during a survival idol audition. Now they are preparing to debut as a duo unit named Crescendo. But something happened and everything won't ever be the same anymore... [MALE X MAL...

12.09.2021 | 3 chapters

A 30 year old salaryman suddenly got into an accident and transported inside the best selling novel and hit afternoon series "The Princess Romance". He became the male lead " Celistiano "Celis" Elc...

Essence (ONESHOT)
23.09.2021 | 1 chapter

Acke and Noah have been dating since their junior years. Acke is an old fashioned boyfriend who doesn't believe in sex as part of the foundation of a relationship, so he's never been intimate with ...