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Dangerously Good

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By Yupopo Orishima 6 chapters

All I Think About Is You

By Muratagawa 10 chapters


By Aomaru 5 chapters

The Job Of A (Temporary) Teacher

By Mitsunaga Hirama 6 chapters

Boring Ninomiya-san

By Ko 5 chapters

Cherry and Skirt

By Rihara 6 chapters

Public Sex

By Cana Umino 5 chapters

Teacup Toy Boy

By Jugoro Isaka 5 chapters

Wish of God

By Tsutomu 6 chapters

Blue Sky Wars

By Memo Kamiya 5 chapters

The Demon Wants To Be A Good Boy

By Una Donburi 5 chapters

Possessed By A Ghost

By Suji 5 chapters

Sweet Beast

By Furo Fukiya 5 chapters

Contract Of Cherry Blossom Guilt

By Mayami 5 chapters

Child X Adult Equation

By Tsutomu 5 chapters

Scent of Spring

By Noda Matsumoto 5 chapters

I Want To Feel You Because I Like You

By Sachi Umino 6 chapters

Kiss My Blood

By Fumio Oketsu 5 chapters

The Perfect Combo

By Yuji Toriba 5 chapters

Bothersome Hours

By Agaccho 5 chapters

The Twisted King and I

By Emi Mitsuki 5 chapters

Get The Key To My Heart

By Rihara 3 chapters

Passions Of Little Wet Mice

By Suji 5 chapters

If I Hadnt Fallen in Love with You

By Itoyoshi Hanmi 5 chapters

Secret of My Uniform

By Shuuji Suzukake 6 chapters

All Hallow's Even

By Kujirada Hiroto 5 chapters

You Are My Princess

By Hongou 6 chapters

Love Voice

By Mitsuki Emi 6 chapters

Tie Me, Unravel Me, Kiss Me

By Amino Moto 5 chapters

Foolish Heroine

By Kohori Kimiko 5 chapters

Mad Venus and My Honey

By Seina Anji 6 chapters

Orison: A Wish A Prayer

By Orishima Yupopo 6 chapters

Anti Platonic

By Imai Yuumi 5 chapters

A House Near The Station With A Wizard

By Haruta 6 chapters

Welcome! To the BL Research Club

By Mixed Artists 7 chapters

e-Choco Vol. 1

By Mixed Artists 6 chapters

e-Choco Vol. 3

By Mixed Artists 7 chapters

e-Choco Vol. 2

By Noda Matsumoto 5 chapters

Show Courage