School Life


A Second Away from a Kiss
10.12.2021 | 71 chapters

You said to me "I will stop just one second before..." Why are you kissing me!? Having my first kiss while acting in a play...!!

A Kiss to Save the World
31.05.2022 | 4 chapters

"You're my soulmate! Marry me!" ...he said, on the first day we met. The day he kissed me, my whole world was thrown into disarray!

Mistaken Confession ~Can I Love You Anyway?~
03.10.2022 | 3 chapters

The dork who confessed his feelings for me... is actually a total hottie!? An irregular love story that got off on the wrong foot!

The Seven Mavericks
31.05.2022 | 9 chapters

"Why don't you try and see if you can really change us?" I'm going to start a club with the bad guys of this school!? And if I fail, we'll all be kicked out...!

Unattainable Two: A Master & Servant School Love Story
03.10.2022 | 6 chapters

"I will serve you, my lady." A kiss on the back of her hand is the mark of his servitude. These two dreamboats would make anyone envious. A heart-pounding master/student love story begins at the ac...

Ms. Andou, the Undead Girl
31.08.2022 | 3 chapters

I'm a necromancer, and my normal daily life made a 180 when I met Andou, an undead... Just what is that "Undead Life" that she admires and desires!?