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04.02.2019 | 10 chapters

A mysterious new student appears after the regular seat rotation?! Could this be one of those heartwarming romances? Nope, it's a surreal comedy (by Duralumin)
Ghost Wife
31.10.2019 | 8 chapters

A horror comedy about newlyweds begins! "The other day, I got married to my beloved. Remi-san is a skilled cook, kind and her smile is ridiculously cute... and a vengeful spirit full of regrets sti...
The Twisted King and I
19.11.2019 | 5 chapters

Kaitani, part of the popular comedy duo "Kaitani-Kawamori", has taken a liking to the assistant director, Tarou Yamada. For Yamada, whose goal in life is to be average, the flamboyant Kaitani, who ...