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Join Flik on his adventure to search for the Crystal Maiden and embark on a journey to seek the crystals to stop the new Dark Lord.
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  1. FREE
    FREE The Search for the Maiden
    Originally in English

    Join Flik on his adventure to search for the Crystal Maiden and embark on a journey to seek the crystals to stop the new Dark Lord.

  2. FREE
    FREE The Rescue Plan
    Originally in English

    Flik set himself up to be caught in order to save Lily, the Crystal Maiden and Hanz, her guardian, the swordsman.

  3. FREE
    FREE Hanz, The Swordsman
    Originally in English

    Flik successfully rescued Hanz, the Swordsman and guardian of Lily, the crystal maiden. Before they can save Lily, they have to deal with the infamous "Cho Brothers".

  4. FREE
    FREE Burning Gauntlet
    Originally in English

    Hanz defeated the older Cho. Now, it's Flik's turn to face the younger Cho.

  5. FREE
    FREE The Long Journey Ahead
    Originally in English

    After defeating Goro and the Cho Brothers, Flik successfully save Hanz and Lily. They are now heading to meet "One-eyed Pit" but something happens. . .

  6. FREE
    FREE Flik vs Hanz
    Originally in English

    Tension is rising between Flik and Hanz. Flik insisting that he is the real brother of "One-eyed Pit" and Hanz doubting it. What will happen if the two decided to duel. . .

  7. FREE
    FREE The Princess of Thieves 1
    Originally in English

    In the midst of the duel of Flik and Hanz, the Princess of the Thieves started her move to get her newly found treasure. . .

  8. FREE
    FREE The Princess of Thieves 2
    Originally in English

    The Princess of Thieves makes her move to steal the compass and put Flik, Hanz and Lily in a difficult position. . .

  9. FREE
    FREE Assault on Thieves' Camp
    Originally in English

    Flik, Lily and Hanz decided to claim back the compass from the thieves. An unexpected person meet the gang.

  10. FREE
    FREE The Promise Then and Now
    Originally in English

    After attacking the Thieves base, Flik meets Sir Earl, a crew of Capt. Wilbur before. Sir Earl told the story on how he receive the gift from the famous captain and his future plan to rejoin the crew. The gang continue their journey to Port Tina but a hooded figure cuts their way. . .

  11. FREE
    FREE The Town of Agon
    Originally in English

    Flik, Hanz and Lily with their new companion, Aya arrived at Agon. What kind of adventure will happen to the gang on this town?

  12. FREE
    FREE Scam and Schemes
    Originally in English

    Flik and Hanz started working on the mines in order to pay their debt. A common miner told them that they have been scammed and about to learn more. . .

  13. FREE
    FREE Fraud Exposed?!
    Originally in English

    Flik and Hanz stayed in the mines after getting scammed. When they got out, their friend, Mr. Drew decided to meet with the Mr. Ferr.

  14. FREE
    FREE The Man Behind the Ploy
    Originally in English

    Flik suddenly appear when Mr. Drew is about to be killed by the warden and the mayor, Mr. Ferr. Can they decipher the real mastermind behind all of this?

  15. FREE
    FREE To Eagle's Roost
    Originally in English

    Upon learning what happened to Sir Earl, Flik and the gang decided to take a detour to Eagle's Roost to save him. . .

  16. FREE
    FREE The Reason Behind Betrayal
    Originally in English

    The plan to save Sir Earl from Crowe is at play. Aya and Goro will face Crowe and his men while Flik, Hanz and Lily will look Aya's father. . .

  17. FREE
    FREE Aya Vs. . .
    Originally in English

    Aya decided to face Crowe in order for him to not leave the battle field and learn about their plan. What will happen to her?

  18. FREE
    FREE Manju The Man Eater
    Originally in English

    After defeating the rest of the bandits, Goro jumped into action to save Aya from Crowe. He faced one of the bandit leaders, Manju who's hiding a dangerous ability. . .

  19. FREE
    FREE Change of Plan
    Originally in English

    Seeing that Goro and Aya stands no chance agains Crowe and his men, Hanz and Flik decided to join the fight and leave the saving of Sir Earl to Lily. . .

  20. FREE
    FREE Zodiac Arts!
    Originally in English

    Aya uses her secret technique in order to defeat Manju. . Can this technique really defeat the energy absorbing monster?

  21. FREE
    FREE Trust
    Originally in English

    After the battle outside of Eagles Roost, it's now time to see what's happening inside the bandit base. From Lily's search for Sir Earl and the chase between Flik, Hanz and Crowe. . .

  22. FREE
    FREE A Clash of Swords
    Originally in English

    After allowing Flik escaped to chase Crowe, Hanz clashed sword with Wazimu. Who's the better swordsman among the two?

  23. FREE
    FREE Flik's Strategy
    Originally in English

    Flik finally caught up with Crowe. Can Flik defeat the untouchable Crowe and give him the beating like he used to say?

  24. FREE
    FREE True Strength
    Originally in English

    The fight between Flik and Crowe continues. It looks like Flik is able to adapt his fighting style to Crowe's ability. Unbeknownst to him, Crowe is hiding a terrifying skill once it is released. . .

  25. FREE
    FREE Failed Aspirations
    Originally in English

    Crowe's terrifying ability is unstoppable once his limiter is destroyed. Can Flik overcome this obstacle and bring an end to bandit's rebellion?

  26. FREE
    FREE Enter the Dragon Restaurant
    Originally in English

    After the grueling battle at Eagle's Roost, Flik and the rest of the gang continued their journey to Port Tina. . .

  27. FREE
    FREE Mission Failed?!
    Originally in English

    Flik and the gang reached Wellingtown, the capital of Nuzela. There they meet a strange girl named "Merri" with no memory of her self. . .

  28. FREE
    FREE Nuzela Cooking Festival 1
    Originally in English

    Unable to meet Flik's brother, the rest of the gang is now stuck at Port Tina. With nothing to do at the moment they decided to help Merri to defeat Don Gourd at his own game.

  29. FREE
    FREE Nuzela Cooking Festival 2
    Originally in English

    The day of the Festival! Can Merri defeat Don Gourd by cooking or will Don Gourd will prevail by using his cheating ways?. . .

  30. FREE
    FREE To Cross the Sea
    Originally in English

    Merri wins the Cooking Festival against Don Gourd. Now that it is over, will Flik and the rest of the gang can think of a way to cross the sea. . .

  31. FREE
    FREE The Northerners
    Originally in English

    Flik and the rest of the gang is now ready to meet his brother and cross the sea. However, they need supplies. While looking for their needs, a sudden ambush came before them. . .

  32. FREE
    FREE Glacial Gauntlet
    Originally in English

    Flik, Hanz and Lily was ambushed and asked to give up their crystal. How will they fare to defend Lily against this new enemy. . .

  33. FREE
    FREE Number One Rule
    Originally in English

    Aside from the Northerners, one more group is after Flik and the gang. Will Merri regain her memories by confronting her previous colleagues?

  34. FREE
    FREE Incoming Storm
    Originally in English

    Flik and the gang left Port Tina to meet his brother "Pit". Unbeknownst to them, an incoming "storm" is about to meet them in the middle of the ocean. . .


Join Flik on his adventure to search for the Crystal Maiden and embark on a journey to seek the crystals to stop the new Dark Lord.
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